Tuesday, August 29, 2006

State Fair

Friday night we went to the state fair. It was our first time taking the kids at night, and it was by far the best time we've ever had. There was music everywhere, we danced, saw the Village People put on a show, and watched fireworks.
Stella eating a corndog, she dives right in, Jack picks off all of the cornbread first and then eats the hotdog.
Jack LOVED the petting zoo, he was hysterical to watch, he loved when the little goats would run around him and bump into him.
We took our yearly family photo booth photos, they turned out great, I'll share them with you all later this week.
The Incredible Hulk (aka Lou Fregno) I had a hard time getting a clear picture because John kept jabbing me in the back pushing me closer to him saying franticaly "get closer" as he shoved me in the back. I took a trillion pictures and most were blurry, this was the best, Hulk scratching his nose. When we got home I commented to John that Mr. Hulk seemed a little short and grumpy with all the people shoving to see him and sign autographs, he barley talked and just nodded his head at times after people gushed for 5 minutes. Then John reminded me that the man is deaf and it all made sense. Though I really would'nt blame him for looking at these people a little funny, some of them were so silly, one young lady said she had memorized everything he had ever done..weird.
And finally, before fireworks we went to the New Orleans patio, ate beignets and danced, the kids got down and were the best dancers out there.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Grateful Friday

1. Spending a great day with my mom. It started out with a shopping spree at Mervin's for the kids, and desperatly needed walking shoes for me (can you believe I wear size 10 now? YIKES, I had been walking in size 9 1/2 and my heels were paying a big price) Then we went out the Counsumnes river Nature Preserve. It was so beautiful, lots of walkways over water, trees and animals. Then we went at ate at my sisters restaurant, it was delicious and it was fun having her wait on us hand and foot :) (just kidding), she did give a great discount, Thanks Heidi, and thanks mom for everything.

2. As I drove home from our day with mom, both kids fell asleep so I cranked up the radio and Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake came on, and then London Bridge by Fergie, I enjoyed my self fully hopping around in my seat.

3. We're going to the California State Fair tonight. We usually go during the day, but we wanted to see the carnival rides all lit up at we ride on the Monorail, plus it will be cooler

4. I feel really close to John lately.

5. I won a free movie ticket from Blingo.

6. 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you". I have this written up on our chalk board and I must read it 30 times a day. Stress creeps back on so easily, I read this and take a deep breath and try and let go.

7. My baby is moving so much, I'm obsessed with thinking of names, everywhere I look I see names and I'm always looking for good ones.

8. We watched "Elizabeth Town" last night and loved it. It made me think if my relationship with my dad and how I wish so much we were closer.

9. Date night on Saturday, we are going to see "Lady in the Water" finally, and then walk around downtown.

10. Taking walks with the kids to "the jungle"(a big bush that is pretty much blocking the sidewalk, we peek in and look for monkeys.) down the street.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another day of breaking up fights. They will fight over anything and everything. Stella likes to grab Jack's toys while he's playing with them and run. They are actually pretty quite at the moment. I asked them to go pick up all their toys and put them in the toy box. I'm sure there is more playing going on in there than cleaning, but at least they aren't hitting each other.
Tonight my mother in law is coming over for dinner. The kids always love spending time with her, but you know I'm in a frenzy trying to get the house looking halfway decent. I guess sometimes it's a good thing we don't live in a very big place. Stella is about to go down for a nap now, and I already have dinner preped, so I'm looking forward to just laying on the couch for a bit. After that I'll focus more on the house and dinner.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Grateful Friday

1. Stella loves being in front of the camera, it makes picture taking easy.

2. Jack is doing great potty training, 5 days in and he is telling me when he has to go, he even had an accident free day.

3. Stella has made the trasition from Pack-n-play to bed for naps pretty smoothly.
4. Ricotta cheese, fruit, cinnamon and honey for dessert. Yum!!

5. Feeling the baby move every day.
6. My mom just called a second ago and has volunteered to come over and do my dishes and bring donuts and coffee, after a night were both kids were up at 2 am wide awake, me laying with Jack on the couch, and John with Stella in her bed, I can not tell you how awesome I feel about my mom, I wish you all could live close and be close to your family.

7. Even though John looking for work has been stressful and emotional we feel like there is hope and a job out there. I'm grateful he still has 2 more months before he is actually out of work.

8. My friend Lorissa calling yesterday just to tell me she was thinking of me, when I hung up the phone I felt loved.

9. I just finished the book "Holy Cow" by Sarah Macdonald. It's about her time spent in India. Travel journals are my favorite type of book, and this is my new favorite. It reminded of me of the 2 weeks John and I spent in Manila, Philippians. It reminded me of all the things I have that most of the world does not, and that I'm truly truly rich.

10. Jack's little bottom in Superman underwear, it's the cutest thing EVER!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Edge

It's one of those days where I feel like I just can't take any more. The kids have been fighting all day, I have a headache, and the house is a terrible mess. I woke up this morning so tired I just didn't think I would be able to get out of bed. I did though, and now I just wish I hadn't. Do I get any sick days with this job? Ug, I knew it would be hard being pregnant and still keeping up with the kids and the house, but it's REALLY REALLY hard. I have this urge lately to clean, to throw junk away, to organize. Am I nesting already? I had that thought this morning as I went through both bathrooms tossing bottles and trinkets into the trash. Eventually completely redecorating one of the bathrooms. Yesterday it was a shelf in my closet and the craft cupbord. I still have over 3 months left so I'm not sure that's it. Maybe just an need for order amongst the chaos I feel like my life is right now.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our Weekend In San Francisco

We had such a great time this weekend. The kids stayed with our friends and John and I were alone to explore the great city of San Francisco.
The small things like just sitting outside a cafe drinking a coffee and eating a pastry and watching the people go by were some of the moments we cherished the most.
It seems like everyone in San Francisco owns a little dog. They were all pretty cute, they were even allowed in lots of the cafe's and I even saw one in a restaurant we ate in.
On Saturday we went to the Museum of Modern Art. We are always up for seeing some strange contemporary art and we weren't disappointed.
Saturday night we went to eat at Millennium. It was so incredibly good, even John my meat loving fool, really loved it. We got the best seat too, right by the window so we could watch all the people at shoe level walk by, San Francisco is truly awesome for people watching.
The Dahila's are in bloom in Golden Gate park, they were so perfect. These flowers always remind me of Dr. Suess

And finally I leave you with a window of meat. It was on display for a restaurant called Harris by our hotel. We looked at the menu and plates started at $40, there was even a steak for $75.

We had such a fun time together, it was nice to just be with John and take our time eating and talking. It's life back to normal now, I'm starting potty training Jack again this week. So far it's been 1 and 1/2 hours and no accidents, of course I'm making him go every 20 minutes or so, but I'm happy at the start.

Friday, August 11, 2006

San Francisco Here We Come

We're leaving today for our weekend away. I am so so so so so excited, and yet also have that pull in my heart about leaving my kids. We couldn't trust anyone more than Jeff and Gretchen with our kids, I think it's just that I wouldn't be there to comfort them if they get scared, or kiss them at night. I know it will all be ok though. John and I need this time away, work stuff and finding a job has been stressful lately, and now is the perfect time for us to just step away and be with each other. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. This week I'm grateful for my friends and family, for God and the bible, and for a weekend away.

(This photo is of Jack and Stella and their adorable cousin Hallie who just turned 3 years old)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

White Girl Booty Shake


This morning, knowing I wouldn't have time to go on my walk this evening, while the kids were watching a cartoon, I went into our bedroom and turned on the sports/fitness channel on our cable. There were a few choices, yoga, bellydancing, cardio, and Afro-Brazilian dance. Can you guess which one I picked? Noooo, not the yoga.... I, being not of sound mind and definitely of big bellied body chose Afro-Brazilian dance. As I was hopping around "plowing the field" and shaking my booty like Beyonce, I kept glancing back at myself in the mirror and realized for maybe the first time that I just really have no rhythm. I'm sure all my friends and family who have seen me bust a move already knew it. I think I had a vision of me grooving around and looking all hip, but now I see that I just really look stiff and a lot silly. Maybe it was just the genre of dance "Afro-Brazilian" (yea that's it) that I just can't get, because I think when I'm dancing to Shakira or Black Eyed Peas, I surely can't look this bad. Note to self: If our African neighbors ever invite us to a party and there is dancing.. run...they will stare, it will be bad.

(I do have to say that I think my butt was made to do the Beyonce Afro-Brazilian booty shake, I was quite impressed with how easily I could jump that thing around, though I'll just keep that move to the confines of my home, something about a pregnant white girl shaking her booty around in public might look funny.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My goal everyday is to get outside. I want the kids to play outside during the day, and in the evening I want to get outside and go for my walk. Sometimes both happen, sometimes neither happens. I've started walking regularly again, well sort of. I made 4 out of 7 days last week, which is better than the week before, which what 0 out of 7. What stops me? by the end of the day, I'm just tired. It's so important to me to be somewhat fit going into new motherhood, and so far my body seems to be forming into a ball of blubber and baby. I'm trying though, and I'm also trying not to freak out about my expanding arms and butt. I have a feeling I've written about this before, or maybe it's just that it's constantly on my mind so it just feels like I'm always talking about my expanding body. Anyway, yesterday as I stepped out the door a kamikaze bee, or wasp, or some stinging creature dived at me and stung the top of my ear. At first I thought my Ipod electrocuted me, but then I reasoned out that it was a sting. I briefly considered letting this injury stop me from starting my week with a walk, but I didn't, I walked, stinging ear and all. I know your impressed. I'm going for at least 5 out 7 this week, hear that you stinging flying pests, you can't stop me, I'm on a mission.

(ps. what this has to do with my mushroom photo I don't know. )

Friday, August 04, 2006

Grateful Friday

I took this photo of Stella and myself on a beach in Monterey. I cracked up when I saw the photo afterwards.

1. John and I talking last night about our marriage, we feel a little like we are getting lost in work and child raising, so we are going to put some extra effort in to make sure him and I have a great relationship. Drifting along is so easy to do, yet we've found that it's dulled our relationship. I look forward to renewing our friendship, having fun, and keeping our love for each other exciting.

2. The cable guy finally came!! We love Direct TV, but Comcast has a good deal right now, so why not save a few bucks.

3. Mangos. I'm on a fruit kick right now. I especially love Mangos, which have never been my favorite before.

4. I chopped Stella's bangs really really short. I meant for them to be pretty short, but they ended up being a tad shorter than I had envisioned. I kept trying to get them straight and they kept getting shorter and shorter. When I first I looked at her after I finally forced myself to put the scissors down I shook my head in disbelief, but then she started running around being her goofy little self and they seem perfect to me, a little funny just like her.

5. Our weekend away is only one week away.

6. Our new routine in the morning. Get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush our teeth, paint or draw and learn a letter, go outside. I know this is not groundbreaking stuff, but I'm seeing if a little more structure makes my kids and myself have a happier morning.

7. I see Jack is happier lately, less whining and arguing, more smiles and cheerfulness.

8. My friend Gretchen is pregnant. She and I have been pregnant together now for the third time.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Apparently Elmo likes Jacks egg yolks more than he does, every time I give Jack a hard boiled egg, this is where I find Jack's yolk.