Thursday, April 27, 2006


Today, 3 years ago, at 11:59 am, my little Jack was born. I went into labor Saturday around noon, we decided to go downtown and walk around while and enjoy the early parts of labor. By Saturday night I was having consistent strong contractions.
I labored through the night on into Sunday. By Sunday morning, I was in lots of pain, the contractions were about 4 minutes apart and very strong. We called our midwife, and she said it wasn't time yet. So I labored on. Sunday night I was exhausted, crying at times, and just knew I could not go through this much longer. John called out midwife, and yet again she said she thought it would be awhile longer. I cried, in disbelief, I wanted to go to the birth center NOW!! and have this baby. I labored through the night and finally went in Monday morning. I sat in the birthing pool, walked around, and finally when it was time sat down on a birthing stool and pushed Jack out. It was the longest, most painful and exhausting 48 hours of my life.

The moment he was out I looked at him, I remember just a sense of wonder flow through me, I remember thinking "there was really a baby in me, I did this, I just pushed a baby out of me" It was amazing. Then I remember looking at him and saying "He's so big" He didn't really even look like a newborn to me. He was wide awake, calmly looking around. I laid down with him in the bed, and we started our life together.

Jack today is funny, serious, and LOUD. He actually has always been loud. We've always said he has one volume and that is loud.
He is my special little boy, I love his bright smile and the way he scrunches up his face when he is serious. Today is not just Jack's special day, it's mine. I look at him and see the little boy I saw 3 years ago for the first time, I see the little boy he has grown into, and I see the little boy that one day I'll have to let go of. He is my baby, I am so blessed and honored to be his mother. He has made my life so bright.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Road Trip Part 2

Ok I couldn't resist making one more post about our road trip.

1. Portland Oregon. There were cows everywhere, colorful, painted cows. An artist was displaying their cow art all over town for a few weeks. They were pretty cows.

2. We met Andy in Idaho, he was riding his bike across America. He just wanted to do it no other reason.

3. Mitchel's Corn Palace. The outside of this building was made entirely of corn. It was weird. The inside of the building had displays and artwork and information about corn.

4. Gladys and Mable two mascots we picked up along the way now live in my travel journal.

5. The Niagara falls tour. We are happy in this picture, but the day before we got in the worst fight we have ever been in. I almost threw his wedding ring over the falls and contemplated spending the night sleeping under some bushes in the park. I think we were just really sick of each other at that point. 3 weeks driving and camping will do that to you.

6. Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C. This town was one of our favorites.

7. We were in New York 10 months after 9/11. It was shocking and sobering to see all the memorials and ground zero. We were there for the 4th of July celebration.

8. Maine, we lost a whole roll of film of Maine. John thinks he accidentally threw it out :(

9. "Whitey" the official mascot of our trip.

10. "Hole in the Wall" I think this was in Utah or Colorado, this man built a whole house in this rock. It was amazing, there were bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms. He stuffed that mule in the back, that was gross.

11. Utah, I think this was Tetons national park, I don't want to go look it up right now. It was close to the city of Moab though, I remember that for some reason. It was pretty and very hot there.

12. Stinky and poo poo

13. Route 66

14. Graceland. We didn't actually go into Graceland, this was the cheap museum tour across the street.

15. The Luxor. Our last official stop was Las Vegas. We loved it. We loved it so much that we conceived Jack here. Right there in the Luxor, you get no more details, so don't ask :) We came back from our road trip with a little souvener in my belly.

16. repeat, oops.

We have hundreds of other photos, so many places we saw. Someday we hope to do it again with the kids. Imagine a month or 2 in an rv, what a blast that would be.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: "April Fools" #3

4 years ago, before I got pregnant with Jack, John and I were working at WorldCom together. WorldCom crumbled and we were both layed off. We decided it was the perfect time to take a road trip. So we packed our car up with food and camping gear and hit the road. We drove from Sacramento up to Portland Oregon and then across the whole United States ending in Maine. We partly camped and partly stayed in hotels. It was amazing, beautiful, exhausting, and exhilarating. We drove for a month and a half. There were times we got quite loopy. We adopted a little plastic white alligator that we stuck on our dashboard, we named him Whitey, and he was sort of our mascot. Then there was Gladys and Mabel who we picked up in Wisconsin at a coffee shop that was strangely located at the back of a meat market. They were 2 little cow stickers that the coffee shop used to cover the drink hole in our coffee cup so the coffee doesn't spill out. There were stuck to our dashboard and traveled with us for the rest of our trip. We also met up with our friends "stinky" and "poo-poo" on route 66 on our way to Las Vegas. They were two of the most stinky flea infested kittens we have ever encountered. I still loved them though and wished we could have taken them with us. Ahhh, so many more memories to share.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Brown Paper Packages

One of my favorite songs to sing to the kids is "my favorite things" from The Sound of Music. I attack them with dog bites and bee stings at the appropriate time and they love it. Yesterday I opened the front door and there was a brown paper package tied up with string. John sat grinning on the couch as I picked it up.
I had had a rough morning with the kids and was feeling a little down when John left to go to the store. I was sure while he was gone he was going to bring me home a little something. Nothing big, a magazine, a candy bar, something to brighten my day. Well when he didn't, my feeling were hurt, I pouted, I felt sorry for myself. Yes I know how pathetic this sounds, anyway little did I know that John HAD gotten me a little something but was keeping it a secret. So later on when I opened the door, and found this brown paper package I felt a mixture of shame and joy. Shame for doubting that John was thinking of me, present or not, and joy because he HAD thought of me, not only thought of me, but remembered one of my favorite songs which made the gift even more special.
Inside the box was this beautiful skirt with wonderful little gold swirls and teeny tiny little charms that jingle just a little bit when I walk. I love you John, thanks for encouraging me and loving me.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Grateful Friday

- The fabric that my friend Lorissa gave me which I made into these cute pants for Stella.
- The big cheesy smile Stella is starting to make when I take picuters of her.
- Michelle over a La vie en rose for inspiring me to show my gratefulness every Friday and for the vulnerability and honesty she always shows in her writing.
- Australian toaster biscuits.
- Shows that made me laugh this week "That 70's show" and "Dharma and Greg".
- Hanging out with my friend Gretchen in the park.
- Finding complete bed sets for Jack and Stella in the Ikea discount area,
- Avacado, sprouts, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sandwiches for lunch.
- Our double stroller.
- Grapes
- Sunny days
- Being pregnant.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is what Jack thinks of my smoothie. He always asks for a little, then he either doesn't drink it, or her pours his cheerios into it, or he spreads it all over the table. So he doesn't get any now. Jack is sick today. Very whiny and cranky and feverish. Stella however is very energetic and feisty, the combination is a little hard to handle. Jack's 3rd birthday is next week Friday. I haven't planned anything yet, well in my head I have a little, but I need to get some invitations out asap. I feel pressure whenever birthday time comes along. I want Jack to have so much fun and for it to be a really special day for him, but the party planning is a bit intimidating. I feel like there should be a theme and food and games and favors. I just don't feel like figuring it all out right now. I will though, I do my best planning last minute anyway. I also want to thank you all for the congratulations you gave me and my family for our pregnancy. I was touched by all of your beautiful comments. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Self Portrait/Revel special project

Ok, This week I'm changing up my self portrait, partly because I don't feel like figuring out something to do and partly because I want to revel the special project I've been working on to you all. So far all you know is that it is very detailed, it will be beautiful, and it will take me awhile to complete it. So do you think you know what it is? Well I'm going to tell you now. Drumroll please........... I'm.................making..................a.......................BABY!!!! I'm pregnant!!! Yipeee!!!! #3!!!!!!! Some of you may think this fits in perfectly with this month's Self Portrait Tuesday theme of "April Fools". We are really happy and excited. I'm about 2 months along, not sure exactly. I told Jack I had a baby in my tummy and he look at me and patted his tummy and said "I have a raisin in my tummy".

Month #1

Monday, April 17, 2006


Every year for Easter we drive out to the Walkers house in Wilton. They have been family friends for 20 or so years. They have a beautiful house they built themselves on several acres. Every year we eat and then have a huge Easter egg hunt on their property. It is mandatory that everyone participates and new comers are required to wear bunny ears. This year they even threw a couple games in. It's always a super fun time with friends and family.

1. My brother Darren and sister Heidi
2. Stella
3. Nephew Hunter
4. My mother in law Maryann
5. Niece Hallie
6. My sister Heidi and sister in law Kimberly
7. My mom
8. Cow
9. Who's feet are these? game.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Grateful Friday

- Taking the kids to see grandma at Sac State during a class break and watching them run around the campus and have fun with Grandma.
- A sunny day yesterday.
- Making some pants for Jack using Red Currents tutorial and having them turn out perfect.
- John is home today!! Yipeeee!!
- John's breakfast burritos.
- Jesus.
- Easter dinner and a huge Easter egg hunt at a friends in the country.
- A trip to the library today.
- Hearing Stella try and say squirrel.
- Aveda lip saver chap stick.
- A yellow butterfly I saw while eating a chocolate chip cookie yesterday with mom and the kids.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It will NOT stop raining!!! This picture was taken on one of the 2 sunny days we had last week. It was a nice break, it feels like it's been raining for a solid month. I'm becoming more and more impatient with the kids. We go out and play in the rain every day, so we get out of the house but it still feels like we are trapped in here most of the day. I know it's the age but both of them are in constant need of my presence and attention. They always want me in their room playing with them, as I type this Stella is at my feet at Jack it shoving a Ice Age book into my arm. I'll go read to them and play with them and do whatever else they want. I sort of feel like my brain is turning to mush though. I do love playing with my kids and reading to them and all that, but right now I would love it if they just both went into the bedroom and played pirate without me, or both just flipped through some books on their own so I could just sit down for a minute and read a magazine or do some housework, or just do nothing for a minute.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: "April Fools" #2

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way

Ok Here's my best bunny impression. I look a little deranged or something I think. More SPT's here.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Monday

Saturday night John and I went to eat at Sal's Tacos. It's a little place in west Sacramento that is completely decorated in Mosaic tiles, inside and out. I guess the owners are huge Kings fans because a lot of the mosaics are of Kings players. It was our first time there and we enjoyed the food and looking at all the weird art.

Ok A few of you have asked me questions in my comments and I'm so lame I never answer any of them. I want to but I just never get around to it, sorry about that. So here are three answers to questions recently asked.

1. Recipe to my blackberry mango smoothie : Frozen blackberry's, frozen mangos, couple scoops of yoplait vanilla yogurt, 1/4 cup of cranberry juice,1/4 cup of tofu, 1/2 cup of soy milk, tablespoon of wheatgerm.

2. Review of "V for Vendetta": I loved it, made me think and want to be more of an individual, made me want to fight corruption. I loved Natalie Portman and I want to see it again.

3.My secret project: Glam Jo thinks she knows what it is...HA!! good try to get me to reveal my masterpiece. What I will tell you is that it will take a while to complete it, there is lots of detailed work involved, and it will be beautiful. I want to work a little more on it before I show you anything. After Easter I'll share it with you all.

Have a super Monday everyone

Friday, April 07, 2006

Grateful Friday

- I finished Stella dress last night in sewing class. I'm so proud of it.
- Marylin taught me how to put a zipper in last night in sewing class.
- I found a couple old Domino magazines at the library last night.
- Our lavender is blooming.
- Stella's new skirt from Red Current.
- Getting the itch to read again.
- Loving "V for Vendetta" last weekend.
- Homemade blackberry mango smoothies.
- Sun shining for the last 2 days.
- A secret project I'm making.
- Mom coming over on Wednesday to play with the kids.
- Beautiful yellow roses John brought me on Monday.
- Finally doing yoga this week.
- God taking care of our family in so many ways.
- John and I both sharing our excitement together over our future.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

IT'S HERE!!!! Stella's skirt came from Kath at Red Current. It is the cutest skirt, so funky and wild. I love the corduroy in it and the zebra print. It has an adjustable waistband which is so perfect because it will grow with Stella. Thank you so much Kath!! When I saw the package in the mail I was one excited mommy.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cabin Fever

It's been raining here for days, which means we are stuck here without a car. We get out at least once a day though to play in the rain. It is getting boring around here though. I've resorted to letting them watch quite a bit of TV. Though they really only watch about 1/4 of a movie and they lose interest and start playing something else. I'm working on finishing a dress I'm making for Easter for Stella, I just have the zipper left and I'm saving that for sewing class on Thursday. Today I'm going to start a skirt for myself, I wanted to have it done by easter, but I don't know if I can or not. I'm still learning and go really slow. Anyway, today I'm looking at another day inside. Here's a list of things I might do today:
1. Make a fort
2. Try to do a yoga tape during naptime
3. Work on my skirt
4. Make dinner with the kids
5. Play in the rain
6. Craft time with the kids
7. Watch a movie
8. Work on potty training the kids
9. Make a grocery shopping list
10. Story time in the "secret hide out"

Monday, April 03, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: "April Fools" #1



Here we are ,three fools for fun. It actually wasn't very fun getting these pictures. Stella wasn't thrilled with the wig, it was hard for me to snap a picture before she ripped it off , and I had to bribe Jack with gummy bears. For some reason the theme this month doesn't sound very easy to me, it was hard for me to come up with something I liked. I've never really liked looking "foolish" so maybe that is a little intimidating to me. I'll have to stretch myself and see what I come up with next week. More spt's here

Sunday, April 02, 2006


My niece Noelle left this weekend to go back to her mom's in Idaho. She was here a week with her dad and I got to spend a day with her. Noelle is such a creative fun little girl. She love to hip hop dance and sing. Ever since she was tiny she would sing every time I saw her. I was once swimming with her in the pool and she asked if she could sing this song she made up, I said sure, and 10 minutes later she was STILL singing this song, I'm pretty sure she was making it up as she went along, but this girl was so focused and the words were so passionate, even though I was a bit tired of listening I couldn't help but be fascinated by how long this might go on and what she would say. This week we went to the zoo, then came back home and spent some time dancing. She would be doing her thing, and I would say freeze and she would strike a pose. It was awesome, she was hysterical. I'll miss her and can't wait to see her again!!