Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New blog

Ok everyone, head on over to my new blog, Five Sweetpeas www.fivesweetpeas.blogspot.com The talented and amazing Joleen created it for me. I love it and thank you a ton Joleen. This blog will still be here if anyone is interested in looking at my archives, but from now on I'll be posting over there. See you there. Love Heather.

Friday, December 01, 2006


I hope you are all prepared to see lots of pictures of my kids in the next few weeks. I'll throw some other stuff in there I'm sure but right now my life is all about my family. We are all doing good. Nights have been a little rough and the last couple of days I've been really exhausted and emotional. Last night though was really good, I would get up and nurse Rocky and he would fall right back to sleep instead of staying up like he had been doing the other nights, so today I'm feeling much more rested. Today we decorated our house and last night we had some family over to decorate our tree and have egg nog and cookies, it was fun.
Stella Jack and Rocky (8 days old)

John and Rocky

Rocky 8 days old