Sunday, July 31, 2005

I Love Saturdays

This is a poem I wrote for John a year or so ago . At the time we only had Jack, we have Stella now to, she makes Saturdays even better. It's cheesy I know, But hey what can I say I love the guy. Hope your Saturday was great!!

Saturdays are my favorite days.
I wake up knowing I get to spend the whole day with you.
It does'nt matter what we do because everything with
you seems fun and new.

Saturdays are my favorite days. As Jack lays in bed with
us in the morning and I have my two loves beside me,
I know life can't get better than this, If I die today,
this I would miss.

Saturdays are my favorite days. Lazing around and
watching Tv, playing with Jack, and swimming at moms.
Hearing you laugh and seeing you smile makes me the
happiest woman alive.

Saturdays are my favorite days. Oh please don't let it end.
If today could go on forever and all of us could
play day after day. What a fun way to stay.
I love your sweet smile over coffee, I love hearing
your lovely laughter playing with Jack, I love
holding your strong hand as we walk on our date.

I only love Saturdays because I get to be with you
untill the moon comes out late.

Friday, July 29, 2005


I did it I'm a Blogger!! My sister beat me to it. ( She's a sweet creative person who inspires me all the time. Anyway onto popsicles. We love them. . Our favorite it the wonderful Orange dreamsicle. It's creamy and sweet and yummy. It reminds me of being a kid, even though I have no specific memories of ever actually eating an orange popsicle I must have. Jack loves popsicles, everyday after his nap he eats one. This is a picture I took today of him in popsicle heaven. Stella likes to suck on them to, though I try to limit her a bit, all that sugar in a 10 month old scares me.