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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thinking of New Orleans

Heidi and Mom eating Beignets
My sister lived in New Orleans for about 10 years. I have many fond memories of my visits there. Here are a few
1. Eating beignets at the Cafe Du Monde with my mom and sister.
2. Stepping off the air plane for the first time in New Orleans and being floored by the humidity.
3. Going on a "Swamp Tour" and watching the guide feed marshmallows to the alligators.
4. Going to the Maple leaf and dancing to the Rebirth Brass Band I had so much fun
when I got back home I went out and bought thier cd.
5. Driving around the beautiful old cemeteries looking for Mel Torme's grave site.
6. Driving around and finding Anne Rice's house.
7. Going to a dueling piano bar with Heidi and mom and John. I went to one here in
Sacramento and it just wasn't the same.
8. Going into the voodoo shops and looking around at all the spooky trinkets.
9. Going to Jazz Fest, dancing to Melissa Ethridge and the Counting Crows.
10. Driving around and looking at all the old houses, they were all so beautiful.
11. Watching Lisa Loeb perform at the House of Blues and getting her autograph.
12. Eating po boys, and soft shell crab sandwiches.
13. Walking around the French Quarter and taking in all the sites.
14. Surprising my husband and booking us a night at the famous Cornstalk Hotel .
15. Eating at the Commanders Palace and having out table served all at the exact same time.
Well wishes and prayers to the New Orleans people. There is no city like it.


Blogger Server Girl said...

What is a swap that like a swap meet? ha ha ha....just kidding...I'm at moms house and we both never seen this picture but we remember putting powder on our faces at the riverwalk cafe du monde. I love new orleans...they will be back the people there are strong willed.

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