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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bring your bad pet to blog day

Bad bad Sunshine. She has been a very bad kitty. We were gone for a week, somehow, we are not sure how, she got into the house. She could have peed in a million different places but where did she choose to pee? ON OUR BED!!!!! It got on both of our pillows, when right on through to the mattress. John is soooooo mad at the cats, for the last week I have had to bargain with him so he doesn't send them away to the kitty orphanage. My mission is to make it seem like we don't have cats at all. That means, I change the litter box and sweep the garage. They now have to stay outside or in the garage all the time. I think John will lighten up a little as time passes, but right now I have to do all I can to protect my furry little friends. They do cause a bit of trouble around the house sometimes but I just can't image not having them around, we've had them since they were baby's and they really are sweet in there own ways.


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Blogger Server Girl said...

...and john tried to pawn them off onto me. ha ha. Awww..your poor kittys. If it makes u feel any sleeps on my spare pillow and there was a tad of crusty poo on it today because it most likely was hanging off her butt. ha ha. U guys wanted a new bed anyway, right? look how cute she looks? When i was at your place today, i went outside and said to sunshine "there's the culprit" and she hissed at me. ha ha

3:29 PM  
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Blogger Riss said...

Our dog Tex was a BAAAD dog today too! The gate was left open by my brother-in-law and Tex walked out. Then we closed the gate and didn't know he was out. Then someone picked him up and took him to the pound. Then the pound called us and we had to pay $30 to get him out a listen to a lecture about what irresponsible pet owners we are (grrrr). But Tex was really happy to get to ride in the car home...

4:32 PM  

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