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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Things that made me happy today

- Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast
- There was no laundry to do
- Jack said hi to strangers everywhere we went today
- There are really soft sheets on our bed
- Found out the State Fair starts on friday Yipeee!!!
- Naptime
- A crisp cold apple
- Stella's soft tummy
- Watching Jack run around laughing hysterically as we danced to the song "Pon De Replay"
- Psalm 139
- Jack getting excited about going to the library
- Doves new cucumber and green tea lotion


Blogger simply kasia said...

Dear Heather, this post is full of joy :) I 'found' you among comments at red current's. I read your comment - and I was wondering if you already knew how to customize the template... I would also like to do it, but I have no idea how. It's also because of my not-so-good English, I'm afraid. :) So - if you know - could you please tell me as well? kisses :*

1:52 AM  
Blogger simply kasia said...

Thanks so much!

7:17 AM  

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