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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

The first day and a half of John's vacation should have been nice and relaxing. Kicking back, drinking a beer, watching TV, but instead he spent it cleaning up puke from his 2 sick kids, changing runny diapers, and basically running the house while his wife camped out by the toilet waiting for the next wave of nausea to hit. We were all hit (except for John) by food poisoning. I just had food poisoning not even 2 months ago after eating at a restaurant. It's not like we were eating fast food or anything, actually this time we ate at the food co-op. Anyway thank you John, I would not have made it through without you. We are feeling much better now and so we are off to Big Sur for 3 day. The redwoods and the ocean, just what the doctor ordered.


Blogger Christoph H. said...

So you have a visitor coming your way. I read these things. :)


9:07 AM  
Blogger Random and Odd said...

Hi. Just was clicking 'next blog' and I found you.

I live in Sacramento (area) too.

9:07 AM  
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Blogger ♥ joleen ♥ said...

poor guy!

good photo though! :)

it looks like you get a lot of spam comments. odd!

10:16 AM  
Blogger simply kasia said...

Oh my, I hope you're better by now! What a terrible thing, food poisoning :// If you know it was after eating in a restaurant, will you go back to them and tell them? P.S. Thanks so much for your compliments, comments and advice. take care!

12:38 PM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

Not a fun day. So glad you're better and so glad you have someone to love you through it. I love your photo today.

4:12 PM  

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