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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bring Your Pet to Blog Day

This is Sunshine. She is our first born, before the kids, before our other cat Holly. We got her from the pound. She was so small. After we had her a couple of days she got a really bad cold and we thought we might loose her but we didn't. She used to get tangled up in my hair at night and fall asleep there. She was always very wild and playful, but then one day we brought Holly our other kitty home, and Sunshine went to a crabby place and has never returned. I swear the day we brought Holly home I saw her personality change. Sunshine was meant to be a spoiled only child and we went and ruined it for her. We now introduce her as Sunshine the mean kitty. When kids come over they say "is that the mean one or the nice one". It's sad to say but true. Even though she makes it hard to love her, I still do.


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